The Background of Backgammon – Now and Then

by Erin on December 31st, 2016

Backgammon is the oldest known game in recorded history. It has been called as the "wee battle," backgammon appeared in ancient Iraq approximately 5 millennia ago. In any case, Egyptians referred to backgammon as "Senat," which was a similar form of the present game played at this time. Hundreds of years ago, just men and women in influence, the prevailing figures of royalty like Egyptian queens, were allowed to play. The game began to expand around the globe over time. Numerous Backgammon variants were created in numerous states and societies, but the basic rules of those variations look like those of the archaic form . For instance, The Greeks took hold of the game and coined the title "bac gamen." From there, the Anglo’s started playing backgammon in the 17th century and have stuck with it ever since. Backgammon and other old games were not ever accepted by a good many faiths. The churchgoers felt that the game was the tool of Satan. This led clergy to boycott and burn the game. The banishment and burning had never prevent individuals betting on games and enjoying themselves.

Technology affords a brand-new arena for Backgammon. When different video games are for sale everywhere, computer researchers in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been using Backgammon for doing research, developing and measuring AI ideas and breakthroughs as a result of the ease of game rules and difficulties of techniques.

With the wide acceptance of the web, backgammon has flourished to a completely new level. A good many might not realize that web Backgammon is in fact loaded on most of home computers running Windows XP/Vista by default in "Games" menu option. Web Backgammon hooks up tens of thousands of gamblers throughout the planet. As soon as you signed up on a web game site, you can bet on Backgammon with a computer, or against a bona fide player. Gambling webpages have been hosting Backgammon tournaments consistently. You can enjoy it for fun, or for cash. There are thousands of clubs devoted to online backgammon, including special game software that you can download to wager against others. Men and women love Backgammon for the certainty that it’s a snap but in the end, needs a lot of alertness and ability.

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